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Let the tenderness of this earthy fruit calm your taste buds. For all those who love Chiku, here’s your favorite fruit as one of our favorite flavors!
Guava Chilly
When the day gets dull, walk in for some spicy scoops of Guava Chilly! This flavor is exactly where the sweetness of Guava will surrender to a dash of spice.
All those who can’t enough of this fruit, here’s another reason you don’t need to! The traditional favorite of many, the good ol’ Pineapple is here.
What can be better than the inviting, red, juicy delight? Well, turn that into an ice cream flavor and you have something to make your season more amazing than ever.

Papaya Pineapple

If you love getting the best of both worlds, this will be the flavor for you! What can be better than a scoop of two of the most delightful fruits? Two of them transformed into ice cream.
Musk Melon
The uniqueness of this fruit’s taste will spill into your scoops of tender delight and before you know it, you will be transported into the world of Musk Melons!
Banana Caramel
The fruit of all seasons teamed up with caramel makes for this unique flavor that adds more zing to a normal day. Grab your Banana Caramel scoop and relish it all the way.
Make a plum choice and indulge in these lovely scoops of sweet wonders. Another seasonal delight from TiB.


All the Kiwi lovers now have another way to obsess over their favorite fruit. Make the most while the season lasts!
Dry Fruit Anjeer
Try a different twist to Anjeer with some scoops of LIVE ice cream! Just as delicious and unique as we all know it, but now in a new flavor.
A simple taste that will leave you satisfied for a long while. Try our Sitaphal scoop for a great taste of lasting happiness.
The all-time favourite of all ice screamers! Need we say more?
Let the Jamuns spill over into a scoop of chilled ice cream. If the thought is making you happy, imagine what the taste would make you feel.
Our TiB menu would be incomplete without the king of all seasonal fruits! Now no more peeling and slicing, just let all the mangoes melt in your mouth as dollops of mango ice cream!
Tender coconut
As tender as it sounds, let this beautiful, age old flavor settle in your taste buds while you smile your way into icy bliss.

Extra Affairs

Calcutta Meetha

Relish the sweetness through this flavor from the city of joy, dedicated to its famous paans. Because we believe, why should joy be limited to them?

Buttery Peanut

Let the smoothness of buttery peanut take over while you cherish it melting away in your mouth.

Milky Way

If you’re not in the chocolate lovers’ club, this is the answer for you. Prepare to get lost in the universe of this milky flavoured milky way scoop! Its white chocolate base is sure to set your taste buds into pure bliss.

Nutty Caffe

A munchy mouthful of coffee, walnut, and almond, this flavor will surely delight the nutty lovers of the city.

Mocha Mocha

Get the best of both worlds in a chocolate base combined with coffee! Mocha Mocha is sure to win over your heart with its unique blend.

Dark Asteroid

The crunchiness of Oreos, almonds & walnuts is hard to beat and the Dark Asteroid will make its mark on your taste buds for a long, long time. Taste it to believe it.

Choco Asteroid

A variation of the Dark Asteroid & Glossy Chocolate, with a unique blend of Oreo and nuts. The Choco Asteroid will charm the chocolate lover in you and soon after you have dug in, you’ll understand why.

Glossy Chocolate

Ever had a craving for pure, unadulterated chocolate? Well, all your cravings now have an answer with this generous scoop of milk chocolate with a glossy shine.

Dark Night

For the dark chocolate lovers, the day gets brighter with dark night. Dig in and find yourself glad you did so. No wonder it’s the most popular one amongst our TiB connoisseurs!


Not able to control your joy that you found your favourite Oreos as an ice cream? Well, good news is that you don’t need to control! Just scoop it up.


Yes, you saw it right, Bon-Bourn it is. The familiar taste of the age old Bournvita as an ice cream flavor! We love experimenting, and more so, surprising you!

TiB Mashups

Get a tinge of a sweet and salty taste in your mouth as you dig into the creamy cheesecake base with a blend of cookies in an icy scoop!
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