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About Us

The Ice-Cream Bakery!

A long-awaited dream of two budding entrepreneurs was nearing fruition with the launch of a FRESH ice cream parlor. The Ice-Cream Bakery opened its first outlet at Vashi, Mumbai, on September 15, 2016.

With 6 years of previous experience in the fast-food industry, the founders of TiB started off on a journey to bring the best of fresh fruit & chocolate-based ice creams to people. The concept of ice cream has been taken to the next level at TiB with the idea of creating ice creams right in front of the customers without the addition of colors, flavors, and essence.

FRESH Ice Cream Parlor

The TiB Products

Our seasonal favorites range from musk-watermelon, Sitaphal to mango & kiwi. Step in for some fresh, mouth-watering, seasonal scoops today

Extra Affair

Extra Affair

There is plenty to choose from when it comes to the nonchocolate category. From everyone’s favorite Vanilla to peanut butter, from Coffee to salted caramel each ice cream will give you an amazing experience.

Royal Indian flavours

Royal Indian flavours

TiB loves bringing some excitement to an ordinary affair with unique additions like the Rose gulkand, Calcutta Meetha flavor. For this particular creation, paan flavor is not used.

Chocolate Affair

Chocolate Affair

The flavor of all seasons – chocolate! TiB has a wide array of chocolate ice creams with some special additions like Oreo and Bournvita. Dark night being a hot favourite of many, followed by Glossy. These two have managed to garner much praise from the city’s dessert connoisseurs.

Season Reason/Season Fresh

Season Reason/Season Fresh

TiB offers the widest range of the current season’s fruit based flavours. It is done without any artificial flavours, essence or preservatives, adhering to the ethos of FRESH ice cream. The chosen fruit is cut & blended with the inhouse ice cream base, and finally poured over the ice pan machine to create scoops of FRESH ice cream.

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TiB Quality & Process

At TiB, we aim to provide the freshest ice cream to our customers. It takes more than just using fresh, Fram sourced, 100% natural ingredients though.

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There has been a great response for TiB in 5 years. If you are interested in becoming a Franchisee for TiB, fill up this form and we will get back to you soon! We look forward to great collaborations with young entrepreneurs from India.


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