Our Products

Ice Cream Shooter

Milkyway shooter

4 Layered | Brownie Crumbs, White Chocolate Ice Cream
& Dark Chocolate Ganache

Dark Night shooter

5 | Brownie Crumbs, Dark Chocolate Ice Cream & Whipped Cream.

Glossy chocolate shooter

4 Layered Brownie Milk Chocolate Ice Cream & Dark
Chocolate Ganache

Mocha Mocha shooter

5 Layered Brownie Crumble, Chocolate & Coffee Ice Cream
and Whipped Cream.

Red Velvet shooter

4 Layered Cream Cheese Ice Cream & Red Velvet Icecream

Why Choose Us

TiB Quality & Process

At TiB, we aim to provide the freshest ice cream to our customers. It takes more than just using fresh, Fram sourced, 100% natural ingredients though.

Fresh & Natural
Satisfied Customer